Carer Support SA
Carer Support SA Young Carer Programs support young carers, up to the age of 25 years, who provide care and support for parent, partner, child, sibling, relative or friend who has a disability, is frail aged, or who has a severe mental or physical condition. Owl Learning Australia is supporting young adult carers by providing a free Self Care Workshop on the 27th of September 2017 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Carer Support (770 South Road, Glandore S.A.)

The Carer Support Glandore Centre can be contacted on:
Telephone: (08) 8379 5777
Address: 770 South Road, Glandore S.A. 5037
Mental Health Activity and Resource Centre
The South East Junction - Mental Health Activity and Resource Centre (19 Ferrers Street, Mount Gambier S.A. 5290) provides a range of opportunities to people experiencing mental health issues or recovering from mental illness. Owl Learning Australia will be supporting the volunteer service by facilitating a free Managing Change Workshop on the 7th of November from 10:30am to 11:30am at The South East Junction (19 Ferrers Street, Mount Gambier S.A.)

The South East Junction can be contacted on:
Telephone: (08) 8724 5250 (on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 12:30pm) 
Mobile: 0477886450
Location: 19 Ferrers Street, Mount Gambier S.A. 5290
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1905, Mount Gambier S.A. 5290
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Feedback from Workshops
‚Äč"All staff should do this training."

"The trainer was great, very organised and prepared with key information. I enjoyed the order and set out of the workshop and everything we talked about. The workshop was very enjoyable."

"The facilitator explained things very well. All of the content was beneficial and a big start to developing my career."

"I loved how interactive it was. It was good to have everyone involved." 

"The training was definitely value for money. I highly recommend it."

"The facilitator was engaging, the workshop was very informative and I love the resources."

"The training was fantastic. The facilitator got everyone engaged and provided lots of practical examples."

"Thank you. The facilitation was well structured and I value the tools and templates."

"The group discussions were excellent - I learnt from everyone's experiences."

"There were very clear examples given about how I can apply the tools."

"The workshop was adapted to the participants working situations which helped with content relevance and discussions."

"The content was very appropriate to my job and personal life."

"There was good facilitation, clear presentation, good material and plenty of opportunities to participate."

"The presenter had great experience and the workshop was well run."

"I thought the training was very helpful and informative. I learnt useful strategies for various scenarios."

"It was very interesting. I enjoyed the interactive delivery, informative content and great strategies which encouraged all of the  participants to contribute."

"Information was really well communicated by the tainer and very relevant to me. There were great examples given. I really liked the relaxed environment where everyone felt comfortable speaking - It was thoroughly enjoable as well as informative. I enjoyed hearing how others intend to apply what we have learnt and how I can use the tools in my role."

"The workshop met the needs of the individual participants and contained lots of useful information."

"Today's ideas and discussions will help me to refine my strategies."

"The workshop was very well put together and interactive all the way through - I learnt a lot."

"I enjoyed the approachable, genuine style of the trainer and the happy, positive activities that related to us."

"We had a positive speaker with wonderful presentation skills and engaging content."

"The content was practical and I enjoyed the sharing of ideas and experiences in the interactive and inclusive discussions." 

"Great templates. Great facilitator. Great delivery. Great notes."

"The content was engaging. It was structured well around discussions. I loved the group interaction and input and that we could associate it to our situations. It was a fantastic learning opportunity."

"The information was very relevant to my job and the trainer was very pleasing to listen to. They made it fun as well as meaningful."

"The presenter was very engaging. The handouts are very informative and it is great to have handouts to refer back to. I liked talking through approaches to real life scenarios."

"I obtained new ideas and strategies to cope with different situations."

"The content was comprehensive. It was relevant to my needs and addressed what I needed."

"The content was clearly explained and gave me strategies that I can actually use."

"The topic was well covered and I now have a great choice of tools to work with."

"The trainer was friendly, had a caring attitude and sense of humour and provided excellent examples."

"The presenter was warm, friendly and inviting."

"I found it really beneficial that we discussed how we can apply the strategies and tools in our day to day practice."

"The day built into something quite powerful and profound."

"This was the best training I have done in ages."

"I loved the style of learning, the scenarios and the strategies."

"The training was professional and informative. I would highly recommend it."

"I found the training interesting and it has made me think about furthering my knowledge in this area."

"The presenter was very open and honest and the information was relevant and well presented."

"I love that we could ask the trainer anything."

"The information I received was very helpful and I will be able to apply what I learnt."

"I obtained great tips and skills."

"It was well presented. I found the information very practical and the reproducible resources will be useful. Thank you."

"I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about case studies. The strategies obtained will help me to refine my practice."

"The trainer was delightful and I loved the valuable resources that I could take home for my own 'tool kit'."

"Well done. It was a happy, fun, informal and relaxed environment where everyone was engaged. It was most enjoyable and the time just flew."

"I loved the opportunity to openly discuss important topics and to share information."

"It was a very personable presentation with practical ideas which can be easily implemented."

"It was an excellent presentation. It was very helpful to reflect on past knowledge in this area and to learn new skills."

"We had a positive, happy speaker who was able to have a laugh with everyone and used good examples and interactive activities."

"It was a good mix of listening and interacting."

"The workshop provided good examples, strategies and ideas. It definitely provided me with food for thought." 

"The presenter was friendly and passionate about the material and no question was considered unimportant."

"I liked the handouts. I could pay attention instead of worrying about taking copious notes."

"I obtained new strategies to cope with different situations."

"The presenter was friendly, organised and knowledgeable and provided the group with good strategies and tips."

"I enjoyed practicing using the tools. The strategies learnt will be applied in my day to day dealings."

"The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the everyone in the group to share information and ideas."

"The trainer was very open, helpful and information. They were aware of my role and related scenarios and processes to make it relevant to me."

"The presenter was enthusiastic and the information was valuable and relevant to me - lots of food for thought."

"I loved the kind and empathetic nature of the trainer."

"I enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop, the opportunities we had for discussions and how the small group environment allowed us to have time to focus on our individual situations."

"I enjoyed the interaction within the group and with the presenter."

"There was very insightful feedback from the facilitator."

"The training was brilliant. I got a lot out of it."

"I liked how the learning outcomes were communicated, how we were able to add outcomes for the training and how we reviewed these at the end of the training to ensure that all of the outcomes had been met."

"The facilitator was supportive and engaging."

"I love Owl Learning Australia's training so much!"

"I found everything in tthe presentation very valuable. Thank you."

"The session was helpful, interesting and increased my knowledge and confidence."

"The most beneficial part of the training was being able to laugh at the same time as seriously learning."

"Good information and strategies. The opportunity to talk and share was fantastic."

"Good practical tools. It was an interesting and positive approach to building up my skills and techniques."

"The trainer was friendly and the information was excellent."

"I enjoyed it all - Thank you Owl Learning Australia!"